Our Mission at Wild Wild 100’s Records, LLC. is to forge a place in history as a successful  major record label based out of Chicago, Illinois.

Our label does not engage in hype, gimmicks or propaganda. 

                      Instead, we focus on the Artist(s) development, marketing and distribution of
                      great music. 

                      This leads our Founders to the creative inner forethought of forming " Wild Wild 100’s Records, LLC ."

We wanted to create a label that aligned itself with the common individuals First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

The right to communicate one's opinions and ideas without fear of government retaliation or censorship.

Free to express one's individuality without being bound by man-made-laws, policies and/or procedures.

                                             Here at Wild Wild 100’s Records LLC

                                  We create the path to leadership for others to follow. 


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XXL Magazine 2017 Freshman Issue.

XXL Magazine

CHICAGO'S New Artist DMULAH Article Coming Soon Inside XXL Magazine 2017 Freshman ISSUE.

Coming Soon !!! ( MIXTAPE ) "PAPER CHASE"

Can't Sleep Until I Eat..... I'm On a Paper Chase >>>>>>>>>>>>

2016 "Turnabout"

 —  —

Bremen High Shool, 15203 Crawford Ave., Midlothian

(DMULAH) Performs Live for Students and faculty.

Wild Wild 100s Records


Wild Wild 100s Records

Coming Soon !!!